In Salvatore’s Called a Meeting, you’re required to pick up a limo from Joey’s garage and drive Luigi from his club and back to Toni’s. But of course nothing is ever quite that straightforward.

When you arrive at Toni’s the Triads attack and it’s down to you to be the getaway driver. Hence, make sure that you haven’t damaged the Limo on the way or you’ll be more vulnerable as the vans ram you.

Fortunately, there’s not far to drive so the key to this mission is to keep moving, smooth and fast.

The Limo is slow so head downhill to your right to gain speed and the vans won’t be able to keep up. Right and right again back up the hill and simply smash through the middle of the two vans parked in front of Salvatore’s mansion. Just make sure you turn sharp left when you break through or you’ll head down onto the beach and face a long drive back.

Then drive into the garage to complete the task and unlock the Salvatore missions.

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