Cutting the Grass GTA3
If you have the patience, you can wait for him opposite the docks as shown on the map

No, Cutting the Grass is not turning our hero into an odd job man, although that would be a bizarre side-mission… No, instead Salvatore believes that Curly Bob has turned informant for the Columbian Cartel.

He works at Luigi’s bar that you may remember from earlier missions. You have to wait for him to leave the bar, track him at a safe distance and then take him out when you can confirm he’s talking to the Columbians.

The key here is to avoid the usual smash and grab approach and tail him at a safe distance or it you will fail the mission. You’ll need to move fast or he’ll leave the bar before you get there. As long as you don’t get too close, it’s simple enough to follow behind and then to run him over when you’re alerted.

Take one of the Sentinel’s outside Salvatore’s house and head down the hill. Wait a safe distance behind the taxi and keep your distance waiting until he’s turned left, resisting the tempation to take him out early. The radar won’t tell you his position so you’ll need to watch carefully which way he’s turned and expect him to stop and reverse to look for someone tailing him.

A good tactic is to tuck in behind another car and you’ll soon see the ‘Spookometer’ reduce.

He’ll head into the docks (see picture), so an alternative strategy is simply to wait for him there and then take him out, although you may get bored waiting. Just make sure you wait a safe distance from his route.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply take the taxi that’s waiting to pick him up as the door is locked. Likewise you can’t destroy the taxi, you’ll just have to do it the (dis)honest way.

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