In Last Requests, Salvatore ‘asks’ you to take a car containing a dead body to the crusher.

Before you take on this mission, it’s wise to complete the other missions on Portland, such as the El Burro missions from the phonebox, otherwise you’ll have both the Triads and the Mafia trying to take you out everywhere you go.

As ever, nothing is as straightforward as it seems and Maria alerts you that it’s a trap from the double-crossing Mafia. If curiousity gets the better of you and you decide to get in the car it’ll blow up, so take our word for it…

Instead head to the south west of the island to meet Maria. When you get there she explains that you have to escape the island as she told Salvatore you were an item making you a wanted man by the Mafia.

The good news is that you’ve unlocked the second island and all the fast cars and new missions it entails. It also means the bridge is fixed and the tunnel open so you can move freely between the islands.

However, even on a boat you’re blocked from reaching the third island, until you’ve completed all the missions on Staunton. If you do decide to head back over to Portland be prepared for the fact that both the Triads and the Mafia are out to get you, so don’t hang around unless you’re up for a fight…

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