Uzi Rider GTA3
The Perennial Car you’ll be using in this mission

Uzi Rider is a phone mission from King Courtney as this time you’re in the pay of the Yardies. King Courtney is looking to test your loyalty through a drive-by mission where you’ll take a Perennial over to Hepburn Heights with two Yardies in the back to make sure you don’t bail.

The mission itself is relatively straightforward as you need to kill 10 Diablos either with the Uzi or with the car. Be careful though, if you leave the car for more than 5 seconds the Yardies will try and kill you and you’ll have failed the mission. This means you can’t switch cars for something faster or stronger.

The main challenge is not flipping over the poor handling Perennial as you do the long drive back to Portland island. If your car is on its last legs when you reach Portland it’s worth taking it into the Pay’N’Spray to restore it and avoid having to re-start the mission if the Diablos shoot the car into flames.

When you’ve made it there safely simply drive alongside the Diablos and fire or run them over. Once you’ve taken out 10, you just need to drive back to Staunton without damaging the car and it’s mission accomplished.

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