In Shima, Kenji tells you to pick up the Yazuka’s protection money from locations around Staunton island to then pay into the casino’s account.

At first this seems a straightforward drive and find mission as you pick up the first suitcase unopposed. By the second suitcase, the Diablos will try and take you out, so either run them over before picking up the package or drive right next to it and step in and out of the car as quickly as you can, making sure you drive off quickly or you’ll be dragged out of the car.

There’s no time limit, so if you or the car take damage, go and restore your health, armour or change cars before taking on the next suitcase.

By the time you reach the third location you find out that it has been ransacked already and you now have to track down the gang, take them out and recover the suitcase of money.

This means a long drive back to Portland, so it’s worth having a fast car to speed up the mission. When you reach Diablo territory, you can either take out the Diablos with a drive-by, run them over or get a good vantage point and use the sniper rifle – bizarrely the Diablos don’t even move as you take them out one by one.

If you use the sniper rifle watch out for other Diablos walking around as they will try and take you out.

Once you’ve recovered the final suitcase, drive back to the casino and it’s mission complete.

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