Gone Fishing GTA3
The faster of the two kinds of police boat

Gone fishing is another chance to brush up your skills driving a boat, as Ray asks you to take out his partner who he believes has double-crossed him.

Who could believe anyone would want to double-cross such an upstanding pillar of the community?

First up, you’ll need to find a police boat. Head to Asuka’s residence and go to the most southerly pontoon where you’ll find a faster police boat (screengrab: police boat)

Then head to the lighthouse to take out Ray’s partner. There’s a catch as his partner will drop grenades behind his boat at you as you follow, although they won’t do much more than slow you down usually.

If you’re in the faster police boat, you should easily be able to catch him and either do enough damage to blow his boat up from the police guns or you’ll be close enough when he does ditch the boat and head ashore that you can easily catch him.

When he heads ashore either try and line him up to drive you boat onto the beach and run him over or jump out and just use the machine gun. He’ll leave behind some handy weaponry and you’ll pick up $15,000 for your troubles.

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