Escort Service GTA3
Wait here and a Cartel member will mysteriously drop out of the sky in front of you. Big mistake…

In Escort Service, it’s back to Donald Love and his lucrative and usually entertaining missions.

Love is transporting another valuable package to Shoreside Vale in an armoured truck and needs you to escort it safely on its journey.

Now there are two ways to complete this mission.

You can either get yourself an army truck, or a tank if you have one, and bump any obstacles out of the way while avoiding damaging the armoured car yourself. You can also take them out with the Uzi as a drive-by. A fun alternative is to jump onto the roof of the armoured car and use a rocket launcher to take out anything that messes with you.

Or you could go with the rather boring option two and a cheat.

Due to a quirk of the game, people and cars only appear when you’re around, so you can just drive off on your own and wait near the bridge to Shoreside Vale. Keep an eye on the radar and when the armoured car reaches Shoreside head over the bridge yourself.

If you wait at the exit to the tunnel, a Cartel member drops out of the sky from nowhere. Stay in your car, wait for him and take him out and then just run him over as you jump off. Ahead of your is another Cartel member and again just run him over. It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference ot the chances of your armoured car, but at least you feel you’re doing something…

Bizarrely without you around the armoured truck will complete its journey and you’ll have made a rather embarrassingly easy $50,000…

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