In The Pick Up, it seems that all your good work blowing up the Triad laundry vans has paid dividends and they are ready to pay up. However, not all is as it seems and it’s a trap.

Drive to pick up the cash and you’ll find you’re surrounded by Triads when you pick up the suitcase. Some of them are armed with bats other with guns, so it’s tricky to take them all out with the weapons you have available. If you do decide to take this route, then make sure you keep moving so you don’t get surrounded.

A better approach is to get back into your car and go backwards and forwards ramming the Triads over. You’ll need to keep moving as they will quickly haul you out of your car and you’ll be surrounded and up against it. Make sure you have your car lined up to point down a clear alleyway and as close to you as possible so all you need to do is click on the car door to get in.

Keep an eye on the radar to ensure you’ve killed all the Triads, as one will try and escape in the van. If you’re quick, you’ll run him over before he gets away.

It may take you a couple of attempts to get your timing right and it’s easy to get stuck if you don’t reverse straight, but above all keep moving and you should be able to master this mission relatively quickly.

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