I Scream, You Scream GTA3
The ever elusive ice cream van. Worth storing in your garage if you spot one.

In I Scream, You scream, Diablo leader El Burro gives you a second mission.

The troublesome Forelli’s are trying to blackmail El Burro and he requests your help to stop them by taking an ice cream van rigged with a bomb and detonating it.

This is no easy feat as it’s one of the hardest vehicles to find.

In hindsight you’d have stored one in your garage, but with a little persistence you’ll be able to find one. We found them consistently near the hospital and at least they are easy to spot! Another suggestion is to do the fire engine missions as the Ice Cream van appears as one of the vehicles you need to put out, although you’ll need to make sure you put the fire out or that’s a lot of time wasted…

After all that effort finding an ice cream van, just make sure you don’t flip it over! In fact, it’s a good idea to store it in your garage just in case you fail the mission.

Once you arrive at your destination, exit the van and then wait for the Forelli’s to all get close to the van and detonate it. Then pop over and pick up the ammo and a stack of cash as well as picking up the $6000 reward. Unfortunately, there’s no ice cream, as they will have all melted in the explosion, so make sure you enjoy one on the way…

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