In Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up your mission is to waste a drug dealer, take his car and get it resprayed. This introduces you to an important part of the game, using the Pay’ N’ Spray (red icon with grey spray can) to lose wanted stars, a key way to complete later challenges in the game.

First pick up the baseball bat from across the road. You can use it to fight with the dealer, but it’s easier just to run him over and then deliver the car. Be careful you don’t destroy the car through some ‘flamboyant’ driving or you’ll have to start the mission again.

This mission introduces you to the docks which can be a profitable area to explore with jumps, adrenalin and hidden packages to find amid the warehouses.

Once you’ve picked up the car drive it to the Pay’ N’ Spray which can be hard to spot as it’s tucked around the corner. Drive in, pay your $1000 and then deliver the car safely to the garage, get out and it’s mission accomplished.

If you’re low on health go to the hospital just opposite to restore your health by walking through one of the blue symbols with the red heart.

Spend some of your earnings with a trip to Ammunation!

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