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GTA Liberty City Stories walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories guide

GTA Liberty City Stories is a spin-off from GTA 3 and set in the same Liberty City. The location may be the same, but many of the details have been changed – the characters in the game, the locations of hidden items and free weapons. It’s familiar enough to veteran GTA3 players, but different enough to keep it interesting.

Gone is the mute Claude from GTA 3 and in his place is a new protaganist, Toni Cipriani, returning from a stretch inside and trying to re-establish his role in the mob under boss Salvatore Leone.


Vincenzo Cilli

Home Sweet Home
Dealing Revenge
Smash and Grab
Hot Wheels
The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

Joseph Daniel O’Toole

Bone Voyeur
Don in 60 Seconds
A Volatile Situation
Blow Up Dolls
Salvatore’s Salvation
The Guns of Leone
– Calm Before the Storm
The Made Man

Ma Cipriani

– Snappy Dresser
– Big Rumble in Little China
– Grease Sucho
– Dead Meat
– No Son of Mine

Salvatore Leone

– The Offer
– Ho Selecta
– Frighteners
– Rollercoaster Ride
– Contrabanned
– Sindacco Sabotage
– The Trouble with Triads
– Driving Mr Leone

Maria Latore

– Shop Til You Strop
– Taken for a Ride
– Booby Prize
– Biker Heat
– Overdose of Trouble



Salvatore Leone

– A Walk in the Park
– Making Toni
– Caught in the Act
– Search and Rescue
– Taking the Peace
– Shoot the Messenger

Donald Love

– The Morgue Party Candidate
– Steering the Vote
– Cam-Pain
– Friggin the Riggin
– Love and Bullets
– Counterfeit Count
– Love on the Rocks

Leon McAffrey

– Sayonara Sindaccos
– The Whole 9 Yards
– Crazy 69
– Night of the Living Dreads
– Minitions Dump

Ned Burner

– L.C. Confidential
– The Passion of the Heist
– Karmageddon
– False Idols



Salvatore Leone

– Rough Justice
– Dead Reckoning
– Shogun Showdown
– The Shoreside Redemption
– The Sicilian Gamit

Donald Love

– Panlantic Land Grab
– Stop the Press
– Morgue Party Resurrection
– Love on the Run

Toshiko Kasen

– More Deadly than the Male
– Cash Clash
– A Date with Death
– Cash in Kazuki’s Chips


– No Money, Mo Problems
– Bringing the House Down



Where to find the Rocket Launcher
Where to find the SMG
How do you get out of that?! Liberty City Stories Fail
– Face Plant
Where to find the M4
Where to find the AK-47
How to get the Hidden Package under Callaghan Bridge (YouTube link)
More Bad Driving (YouTube link)
How to get a tank in GTA Liberty City Stories
– GTA Liberty City Stories iOS crashes
– Workaround for Calm before the storm iOS crashes
– What to do before Portland missions

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