In Don in 60 Seconds, JD’s place is about to be raided by the cops and you need to get Salvatore Leone out of there and fast.

Jump into Salvatore’s car and lose the cops which effectively means losing the two wanted stars. There is a simple way to do this. Turn the car around being careful not to stop for any length of time or the cops will bust you.

Drive down the road and do a quick 180 at the Pay’N’Spray and drive in to lose those stars.

Ignore the fact that the cops can see it’s Salvatore’s car, know where he lives and that the Pay’N’Spray doesn’t even change the colour of the car! When you exit, just drive up to Salvatore’s to complete one of the easier missions in the game and earn $1,000.

Note the free motorbike and Sentinel both of which re-spawn at the mansion and come in handy for later missions.