Where to find the rocket launcher GTA Liberty City StoriesThe rocket launcher is a hard weapon to come by in GTA Liberty City Stories. Unless you know where to find it for free.

It’s an immensely useful weapon, not only for blasting your way through the trickier missions, but also for creating mayhem and ramping up your stars.

You can acquire one at your safehouse, but first you’ll need to have collected 90 hidden packages, no mean feat. It also becomes available for sale at Phil Cassidy’s Gun Shop when you’ve completed the False Idols mission, although you’ll need to part with $9,000 per 10 rounds.

Alternatively, just get hold of one for free. The only condition is that you reach the third and most westerly island, Shoreside Vale. Compared to other GTA rocket launcher locations, it’s very simple to find. Just go underneath the bridge to Shoreside Vale next to the airport and it’s there on the grass waiting for you. Better still it re-spawns letting you have some fun with it without worrying about running out of valuable ammo.

Watch our video above to see exactly where to find it.