Where to find the M4 GTA Liberty City StoriesIf you’ve been searching for the location of the free re-spawning M4 in GTA Liberty City Stories, then look no further. The M4 is a powerful and rare weapon within the game that will see you outgun nearly all opponents and be able to take them out at distances where they can’t do any damage.

If you’d like to try to get hold of one the hard way, then earn six stars and take out the soldiers carrying M4s and collect their weapons. Good luck with that one!

Now you can also acquire it for free at your safehouses when you’ve collected 60 hidden packages or when you’ve unlocked Phil Cassidy’s Gun Shop when completing Friggin’ the Riggin mission. However, both those options involve either lots of work or lots of money and are not necessary when you can find one that re-spawns for free.

All you need to do is reach Staunton Island. On the eastern side near the Torrington Area is the southerly of three piers, the only one south of the main bridge. There above the pier are a set of containers. In between two of them is your free M4.

Check out our video to see exactly where to find it, plus a few random jumps, some epic, some epic fail…