In The Made Man the ever seedy JD gets his comeuppance for switching sides.

Drive him towards the meeting place and on the way you’ll have to deal with the Sindaccos who try to take out JD. You can use the car for this to drive through them as they will get out if you stop for long enough. Or you can use an AK and keep your car intact – it’s better the keep the car intact as you’ll need it in reasonable condition for the chase that follows. Pick up the free ammo and cash they leave behind.

Then poor JD meets his maker and you’ll have to despatch of the car before the cops spot it and the gruesome evidence within. You can choose a quiet route mostly off route and you probably won’t be stopped or you can just floor it and keep going. The chances are you’ll pick up two wanted stars either way, an annoyance, but not enough wanted stars to cause any real trouble if you keep going.

When you’ve reached the yellow marker, it’s then down to you to get rid of the evidence by driving the car into the river. Take the first right and there’s a long road all the way to the water’s edge. Just before you reach the water, hit the exit button to bale out and let the car plough into the river to complete the JD missions and earn yourself $1,500 into the bargain…