Home Invasion GTA San AndreasHome invasion is the first of the Ryder missions where, frustrated at the slim pickings available through Emmett, you head off in search of some proper guns.

If you arrive there outside of the designated hours to catch Ryder, just head back to the Johnson house, save the game and this will advance it six hours – repeat until it’s the right time for the Ryder mission.

Ryder knows of an ex-army guy who has a stash of weapons and ropes you into heading to his house and stealing them.

Once the cut scene has been triggered you have eight minutes to complete the robbery until daylight.

To avoid wasting time make sure you approach the house from the south and on the road on the coast – don’t try and weave your way through the streets to the west as it’s on a mid-level that can be frustrating to reach. Just drive up the left of the 3 roads indicated on the map and you’ll reach it at street level.

When you enter the house, double tap to crouch down and then move around the house keeping the noise meter under the maximum. Start on the ground floor in the first room where there’s a crate to your right next to the field gun. Once you’ve picked it up you can’t crouch, so move forward with small swipes to keep the noise down.

You should have one warning from the Colonel before he wakes for good and the mission is aborted – this is one mission you can’t use force in.

The second it through the door on your right on the far side of the room. The third is at the top of the stairs to your left as you enter the house. For some reason you can go down the stairs sometimes holding a crate at full speed so you can catch up with a little time here.

Now you could stop here as you need at least three crates, but if you’ve time head and collect some more. If you trigger the noise meter after you’ve collected three or more crates, the Colonel will call the cops and its time to exit the house, but you are still OK to complete the mission.

If he does call the calls you only have a couple of stars, but in a heavy vehicle like the van you’re a sitting duck and it’s not easy to reach the Pay ‘N’ Spray without the van catching fire, so it’s best trying to avoid waking him up.

The fourth crate is up the stairs and follow the corridor round to the right. There are two more inside the Colonel’s room at the end of the corridor on the left if you’re feeling really cocky. One is on the left as you enter the room and the other is on the far side of the bed.

If you’ve avoided waking the Colonel, all you have to do next is drive to the lockup and earn your respect points.

Now you can do burglaries at night when you’ve not a mission – you just need to find a similar van to use.