In Sweet’s girl, you receive a call from Sweet. He’s been seeing a Seville Families girl and the family doesn’t like it. He’s pinned down and needs your help to get him out of there.

It helps if you’ve parked a car in your garage as this avoids any time wasted getting hold of a vehicle.

Drive fast over to the red marker and start dealing with the Seville family gunmen. You can run over the first few, although they will set your car on fire relatively quickly. You can prolong the life of your car by making a few fast sweeps. Even if you can waste all the guys in the road, there is still one more waiting on the steps that you need to deal with.

Use the low wall opposite for cover, double tap the direction indicator to crouch and start firing, but be careful as they have relatively powerful weapons. Don’t take too long or Sweet’s health will run out,

When you’ve cleared them out, you’ll need to get a four seat car. There should be one parked outside if you didn’t destroy it in the gun battle. If not, just run around the block until one turns up.

When you pick up Sweet, another Seville family car will start ramming you, but just keep moving and drive back to Grove Street to complete the mission and earn respect points.