Catalyst GTA San AndreasIn Catalyst, you visit Ryder’s house, but company arrives in the form of the corrupt cops.

They tell you about a train carrying a special cargo which you and Ryder are to target. The only problem is that they seem to have told all the other gangs about it.

On the way, it’s worth topping up your health and also collecting the AK-47 to the north (where to find the AK-47). When you get there, the Vargas are waiting for you.

You can run most of them over in Ryder’s car by making several sweets past and over the ones on the ground. Then there are a couple more on the train itself. Crouch, approach and take them out with the AK-47 or Uzi if you don’t have one.

Then the Ballas arrive wanting a piece of the action. Again use your AK-47 or crouch and take them out one by one, although you can use a nearby car and run them over.

Then it’s onto the train which starts with you aboard and Ryder trailing behind in the car. You need to throw ten crates to him in a minute and a half. Line up the car with the target and then hold the punch button down to throw them, longer for a longer throw, shorter when he’s closer. It takes a little practice but you soon get the hang of it and should be able to do ten in a minute and a half comfortably.

You’ve then picked up three stars and need to reach the Pay ‘N’ Spray before the cops bust you. A good tip is to drive on the railway line as for some reason the cops won’t drive on it. Then it’s a sharp right and the Pay ‘N’ Spray is just down the road.

Once you’ve lost your stars, cruise back to Groove Street to pick up the respect points you’ve earned.