If you are stuck on Calm Before the Storm due to the bug in the game, then read our post on the workaround for the iOS bug.

If not, then lucky you as that bug blocks the game entirely, unless you use the workaround! You start off at Salvatore’s mansion – jump on the bike or Sentinel that re-spawn there as you’ll be driving around the city and these are both good choices of vehicle.

Follow the helicopter, but don’t fire on it as you’ll need to wait until it reaches its final destination. Just follow the indicator and there’s no need to rush as it moves relatively slowly and always takes the same path. Get close enough to trigger the cut scene.

Then it’s off to the rooftop where you’ll need full health, ideally some armour and an AK47 as you battle it out with the Triads. Fire and move until you’ve dealt with all of the Triads on the rooftop, picking up the free ammo as you go.

The final Triads are at ground level waiting for you. You can use some grenades over the side to take them out or you can just do it at ground level using the vehicles as cover. If you need further help there’s an adrenaline pill on the rooftop.

Take out the final Triads on the ground level and it’s mission over and whatever wanted stars you’ve acquired in the battle will disappear.