Everyone loves a list, don’t they? Particularly when that list is a top 10 of glitches and tricks in GTA Vice City in all their technicolour glory.

As regular readers will know, we’ve spent a lot of time working on our YouTube channel to move the site into video and we’ve compiled the best of the glitches we’ve found into the video above.

Watch it to see how to:

– Get a freak double insane stunt bonus as for reasons unknown our van flips spectacularly into the air
– How to run on a motorbike using the clothing icon glitch
– How to do the same in a car
– Jump into ghost world and visit Ammunation
– Jump inside one of the big airplanes at the airport due to a glitch that stops them being solid when moving
– Run through the inside of a solid wall
– Walk on air on top of a tall building
– Fly a helicopter through Blue Hell
– Reach the third island through Blue Hell, walking on water in the process
– And best of all, how to walk underwater!