While you can’t swim in GTA Vice City without using a cheat, you can do one better and walk underwater! See our video above for how.

And on the mobile versions there are no cheats available, so you need to use a classic glitch to walk on the seabed. You park a vehicle on the jetty next to the lighthouse on the main (eastern island) and then need to wind up a pedestrian with a kick or a punch. Most will run away, but the odd one will fight back. Let them follow you and get back into your vehicle. The angry pedestrian will pull you out of the vehicle and that’s when the glitch kicks in.

You are positioned above the water when the pedestrian drags you out of the vehicle which causes the glitch. Swipe the screen to rotate the view and suddenly you’re walking on the seabed in what seems to be an air pocket. Go too far out to sea and you’ll fall into Blue Hell. Go too near the surface and you’ll drown.

You can however run along the seabed along the pitch and through a series of underwater rocks.