There are 36 unique jumps in GTA Vice City. To complete all 36 takes some finding and that’s where we come in. Watch the video above to see all 36.

If you complete the jumps in the correct way bonuses are available, with the reward money going up every time you complete one. You can attempt the jumps as many times as you want but the bonuses are only available once – that said you usually get a smaller insane jump bonus each time.

Completing all of the jumps is required if you are to get 100% completion of the game.

Unique jumps are, erm, unique because when you do the jump the game switches to cinematic mode giving a sweeping shot in slow motion.

The jumps are across both islands and 4 are available during the G-Spotlight mission. You can re-attempt them after the G-Spotlight mission, although it’s harder to find the right spots across the rooftops without the pink markers to light up the way.