The Malibu Club is the location for a great glitch in GTA Vice City. If you enter it using the golf caddy buggy, then the game sends you into the strange exterior/interior Ghost World, as it’s known.

The walls become invisible and even though you can still bump into previously solid objects you cannot see them. Likewise, there no people in the usually packed club.

If you try this on a motorbike, then it disappears as you enter the club, so you’ll need to get hold of the golf caddy buggy. Unsurprisingly, you can get hold of one at the golf club or there’s another parked in some bushes near the lighthouse on the first island.

Unfortunately, you can’t preserve Ghost World when exiting the club, although there are other ways of doing this, most notably by jumping through the shower wall in Apartment 3C – see our YouTube channel for how to do this.

Watch the Malibu Club glitch in our video below.