The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade is one of the harder missions on the first island.

Vincenzo lures Toni to the lower deck of a boat in the docks with the promise of a reconciliation. On your way, make sure you pick up the free ammo to the right as you enter and armour on the left as you head down the stairs.

Then the fun starts as a series of Vincenzo’s goons attack with chainsaws. Toni can just about survive one direct hit with the armour but no more.

The assailants emerge from all sides, but the key is to keep moving and shooting and not get cornered. The powerful handgun you picked up earlier or an Uzi or SMG for rapid fire. Change direction as they close in and if any of them start to get too near then run to an open space and then re-aim. Stay in one position and you’ll be in trouble. There’s free health available if you need it.

When Vincenzo arrives, just switch to your heaviest weapon and keep firing.

Complete the mission and it’s $3,000 in the bag.