In Hot Wheels Vincenzo asks you to collect a car for him. Simple enough it seems.

However, when you jump in the car, you are surrounded by cops in a cut scene. Hover your finger over the accelerator pedal and wait for the cut scene to finish. Turn sharply and then floor it out of there with three stars and the cops on your tail.

Thankfully, you’re in one of the fastest cars in the game and it’s a race to the Pay’N’Spray to lose those stars. After you’ve reached the Pay’N’Spray and escaped the cops, drive to Vincenzo’s lock-up which cues another cut scene where Toni confronts Vincenzo for having set him up.

Toni decides to take Vincenzo’s car to the crusher – a handy spot to know in the game as you can earn cash by delivering vehicles to be crushed. Make sure you exit the car to avoid a trip to the crusher yourself and then just watch as the car is destroyed. There’s no reward for passing the mission as Vincenzo’s hardly going to thank you for destroying his car even if he did set you up!

That’s it for Toni and Vincenzo for now until Vincenzo gets in touch again for one of the harder missions in the game, the Portland Chainsaw Masquerade.