In Smash and Grab Vincenzo tells you to rescue a set of inept robbers who are caught up in a shootout with the cops.

First you need to get hold of a four seater car, the quicker the better and if you want to be cheeky grab one of the police cars next to the hospital. Smash your way through into the petrol (gas) station and try not to run over the robbers. Wait for them to get into the car and get moving as soon as you can to avoid getting busted.

Then you’ll need to lose your three stars. The easiest way is to use the Pay’N’Spray around the corner. Even if the cops are parked outside the Pay’N’Spray when you enter, for reasons only known to GTA they will ignore you when you reverse out as long as you don’t smash into them.

Drive back to Vicenzo’s having lost your stars and it’s a $1,000 reward.