In the The Guns of Leone mission, you are once again protecting Salvatore Leone from those that wish to do him harm.

To reach the rooftop you’ll need to head around the side of the building as per the video above and then climb up the stairs to reach the sniper rifle and take up position overlooking the street below in the yellow marker.

Now you can do this the official way and use your skills with the sniper rifle, although this can be tricky to get the aiming right in the time available to you. Or as ever with GTA there’s a much easier way. Pick up the AK-47 and then use it to quickly dispatch his attackers.

More will appear from the alleyway opposite when you have dealt with the first wave and yet more from the left in the third wave. Again the AK will dispatch them all in seconds.

Go down to street level to take out those around the corners using the red markers to see where they are located. With the AK at your side, this is a great way to pick up lots of free ammo from the Sindaccos.

Keep yourself and Salvatore in good health and it’s $3,000 in the bank.