Toreno's Last Flight - GTA San AndreasIn Toreno’s last flight, it’s time to take care of the last of the Loco Syndicate, the mysterious Mike Toreno himself.

Woozie is on the phone saying he’s found the van with the merchandise and it’s loading up at a nearby helipad. Grab a motorbike if you can or any fast car will do.

When you arrive beneath it, his goons will start shooting at you. Deal with them and then climb up the metal staircase on the side of the building to trigger the cut scene.

Toreno is getting away in his helicopter, so run up to the roof and collect more rocket launcher ammo and the chase is on. Two guys will be waiting for you up there.

Fortunately for you, the heli follows the north-south highway on the east side of the island, so motor over there and get ahead of the heli jump off and then get it in your sights before it gets away. Use the map to plot your route. If you’ve picked up any wanted stars, then go via the Pay’N’Spray which doubles as a good way to access the highway.

For a helicopter it moves very slowly, so take your time to get lined up and to take your shot. One good shot or two average ones should do it.

If you miss first time, don’t worry as you can catch up with the helicopter again, just take your time to line it up properly.

When you’ve destroyed it, the goons will have left some ammo behind.

Surely Toreno can’t have survived that, can he? To find out what happens next in this series of missions, you’ll need to complete Woozie’s missions to unlock it.

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