Mountain Cloud Boys GTA San AndreasMountain Cloud Boys is the first of the set of Triad missions for Woozie. Head over to meet Woozie in the betting shop. He reveals he’s the boss of the Mountain Cloud Boys and his job is to settle disputes without resorting to violence. Wrong city.

He wants you to take him to meet one of the Triad groups who didn’t attend the last meeting. Grab a vehicle and head over to the yellow marker around the corner to the meeting point. When you get there all hell is breaking loose and it’s your job to save Woozie from harm when the Vietnamese gang attacks.

Crouch and open fire with your heaviest weapon to guide Woozie out of the alleyway. If you have an AK-47 or above you’ll make short work of them. If not progress slowly and prepare for the three waves as you round each corner and try and stay ahead of Woozie. You need to take them all out to cue the next cut scene.

When you reach the end of the alleyway, you speed away in their car and then have to get Woozie back safely while under attack from two cars. To take them out draw level and Woozie will start shooting – you can help by doing a drive-by at the same time.

It’s then a short drive back to Woozie’s place to earn yourself $5000 and yet more respect.

To save time with Woozie’s missions, it’s worth buying the apartment around the corner.

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