Ran Fa Li GTA San Andreas
The final destination by Pier 69

Ran Fa Li is the second of the Triad missions for Woozie. Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li is the head of the Red Gecko Tong and he’s like a package retrieved from the airport. Guess who’s going to help him with that?

Drive to the airport. When you reach the locked gates, turn left or right on the circular road to reach the underground car park and the red marker.

Surprise, surprise there’s an ambush waiting for you. If there’s anyone on foot just run them over. If they are near a van, then take them out and then simply jump in the van and move it out of the way and jump back in your car.

Then it’s a race back to the marker on the north of the island while keeping the car from getting damaged. When you exit the airport a bike will chase you and then some cars and more bikes. Either put your foot down to keep out of trouble or use the drive-by when they get close.

The highway is probably the quickest route there or you can use the railway tracks if you want to avoid the traffic and to concentrate on those following you. We lost the chasers completely on the highway by weaving through the traffic, although one was waiting near the final location, but was simple enough to drive around.

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