Pier 69 GTA San AndreasPier 69 is the big shootout scene as you take on T-Bone and Ryder to try and take down the Loco Syndicate.

Head over to meet Cesar and top up your armour on the way. He’s up on the roof, so keep the building on your left and enter via the back and up some stairs.

Woozie’s men are also there, but so are T-Bone’s security. To protect Woozie, you’ll need to use the sniper rifle to take out the six on the roof. Be as quick as you can and start on the right and sweep left.

Toreno is in a chopper and spots the bodies and bails. All element of surprise is gone, although the shootout on the roof was something of a giveaway.

Head back down the stairs and start the shootout. Be careful of T-Bone as he has an AK-47 which will do some serious damage if you’re slow. If you want to make things much easier, head down the side of the Pier, not the middle and you’ll only have to deal with a few thugs along with T-Bone. All the better if you have your own heavy machine gun, as it will be over in seconds.

If you move down the Pier watch out for those hidden above and to the side. If you take too much damage, there’s a restaurant at the entrance to the Pier to top up your health.

With T-Bone out of the way, Ryder makes a run for it. Jump off the pier and swim to the boats for a chase. Use the drive-by guns to take out his boat and complete the mission.

No matter how long you take to swim out to the boat, Ryder will set off as soon as you get close to your boat.

Unfortunately, for him he picked the slower boat, so it’s easy to catch up draw level with him. Cue $15000 reward and yet more respect.

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