Where to find the M4 in GTA San Andreas, Los SantosIf you’re looking for the M4 early in the game, then there’s one freely available in Los Santos Airport which you can reach with a little effort.

This M4 is available at no cost and before the M4 becomes available at Ammunation much later in the game. Even better still it respawns after every save or new mission, so you can keep topping up your ammo before each mission.

The M4 is a seriously useful weapon. It’s powerful, has great range and accuracy and will see off just about anything or anyone in Los Santos and beyond.

How to find the M4 in Los Santos

To find the M4, you need to head to the airport in the south of Los Santos which you can spot next to the docks through the green cigar shape of the runway which has three green rectangles inside it.

First get yourself a vehicle. Then head for the airport gates which are in the north east corner of the airport – just follow the fence around until you see the entrance. You’ll be told that you can’t enter the airport as you don’t yet have the pilot’s license, but when has that ever stopped anyone playing Grant Theft Auto?

It takes a little practice, but you can jump up onto the roof of the building on the right-hand side of the entrance, just left of the door, by double-tapping when running towards it. When on the roof, jump over the fence to the right of the entrance, then the gates will open for you.

Hop back on your vehicle and use the ramp in front of you to jump over the fence, although you can still crash through it to the side if you don’t quite make the jump.

Drive to the western end of the runway and there in between the three yellow ramps is your M4. And if you want to exit quickly use those ramps to jump the fence.

We’d also recommending purchasing the property just to the north of the airport and you can quickly get more M4 ammo, then save the game at the property and come back for me giving you plenty of ammo for any tricky missions that involve a lot of shooting.