In Nines and AKs, it’s time to pick up some weaponry. The boys suggest heading to Emmet’s who used to supply them with guns.

Drive Bike Smoke over to Emmett’s and cue some shooting practice, using crouching and manual aim. It’s worth remembering how to blow up the car as this can be useful in later missions or if you just want to create some havoc by exploding some cars.

Emmett only has a handgun for you and you’d be better off running over some Ballas to get their Uzis. However, once you’ve completed the shooting practice, handgun ammo is available at Emmets.

It’s then time to get yourself some colours with a visit to the clothes shop, Binco. Update your wardrobe and you’ll have completed the mission and earned some extra respect points.

You have now unlocked the Big Smoke missions and have a choice of missions, although you’ll need to complete both sets to progress the game further.