In Drive-Thru it’s time for some food. After the inevitable argument over what to eat, the boys decide on chicken and head for Cluckin’ Bell where Big Smoke goes for a truly man-sized set of portions.

On the way you find out that CJ’s mom was killed in cross-fire as some gunmen in a green sabre were targeting Sweet.

As you exit the drive-through, some Ballas attempt a drive-by. It’s down to you to chase them down before they reach the hood. Too slow and you’ll fail the mission.

Drive alongside the Ballas’ purple car and the others will start shooting. If you have an Uzi you can add to the firepower. Try to trap their car against a wall and you’ll soon have done enough damage for it to catch fire. When it does make sure that your car is well clear or you’ll fail the mission and have to start again.

Then take out the Ballas either on foot if you have enough firepower or take them out with the car, taking care to avoid it getting too damaged and catching fire. Jump out to collect their ammo and then drive back to Sweet’s house in Grove Street.

There’s a little more taxi work to be done before completing the mission as you need to drive Big Smoke and his big appetite back to his house earning $200 and respect points into the bargain.

You’ll then receive a call from Sweet telling you to head down the gym to put on some muscle, useful for making yourself fitter and more powerful in fights. The gym is now indicated by the dumbbell icon on the map.