Wrong side of the tracks GTA San AndreasIn Wrong side of the tracks, the corrupt officers are once again on Big Smoke’s case. Big Smoke says he knows of something that can get Grove Street back in the game and tells you to drive him to Unity Station just around the corner.

There’s a deal going down between the Vagos and the San Fierro Rifa, but unfortunately you’re spotted before you find out more and they scarper onto the moving train. Jump onto the nearby motorbike to give chase. It helps if you’ve done some practice on motorbikes beforehand as your bike skill will be higher which makes it less likely that you will fall off.

You’ll need to keep alongside the train far enough away for Big Smoke to get them, but not so close that the angle is wrong and he can’t shoot them. You can join in with the shooting, but you’ll struggle to see the road ahead so it’s better to let Big Smoke do the shooting.

Keep up with the front carriage and watch out for the exploding car at the level crossing and the train coming the other way. Once you’re out of the tunnel, take the road parallel with the track which gives Big Smoke a good angle to shoot from.

You’ll need to have taken them out by the time they reach the bridge to Las Venturas or you’ll fail the mission.

Alternative and most effective strategy

Another good tactic, particularly if you have the M4, is to drive ahead of the train, jump off and then let them have it with the power and accuracy of the M4 and then jump back on if any survive. You can get hold of one by following our guide to where to find the M4. However, if you get too far in front of the train you’ll fail the mission. If you don’t take them all out, jump back on and keep on the right of the train as before.

Once you’ve taken them all out, you’ll just need to drive Big Smoke back to his house to complete the mission and earn some respect points.