When it comes to power and mobility, there’s little better than the SMG in GTA San Andreas. Not only can you sprint with it, but it’s nearly as powerful as the AK-47.

Where to find the SMG in Los Santos, GTA San AndreasThere are a few challenges to getting hold of one, particularly early on when in Los Santos. The doors of Ammunation don’t open until the Doberman mission for Sweet. Even then it’s a pricey $2,000 a pop for a round of ammunition.

Now if you pick up four stars you can take on the police some of whom will be packing SMGs, but without one you’re likely to get wasted before you can pick up sufficient ammo.

As ever in Grand Theft Auto, help is available if only you know where to look. And we do.

Not only is an SMG lying around waiting for you to pick it up, but it re-spawns regularly allowing you to top up on your way to your next mission, saving you a pile of cash at Ammunation.

If you’ve completed the first of the César Vialpando missions, then you’ll know the spot, as shown in the map. On the west side of the car park is a wall. Jump over it by double tapping or just walk around to the right and there on the other side of the wall is some SMG ammo. Simple.

It’s worth stocking up on SMG ammo before you start the gang territory missions after Doberman and even better get hold of an M4 if you really want to make it easy. Read where to find one here.

Location of SMG Los Santos, GTA San Andreas