Doberman GTA San AndreasIn Doberman you’re back to take on missions for Sweet and this one is a biggie, particularly if you’re playing on the mobile version and can’t use armour and weapon cheats.

On the plus side, the doors of Ammunation are now open to you, but the flip side is that you’ll need them open, not least to keep your armour topped up. Doberman is the longest running of the missions, where after completing the initial round you have the majority of Los Santos as your battleground for gang territory.

To start the mission head into Ammunation and stock up on whatever you need. Then it’s time to take on the Ballas as you fight to control the streets.

To trigger the gang war, you have to be on foot and to kill at least three Ballas (or other gang members later in the game). Then three waves of increasingly heavily armed Ballas will be unleashed. To complete the mission you’ll have to stay in the flashing territory or you’ll fail the mission and be branded a coward.

You’ll also notice that the traffic stops flowing, so unless you park a vehicle nearby you can’t just jump into one and run over the Ballas. The bonus is that you can’t pick up any wanted stars either.

As such, unless you’re packing the M4, then you need to fight smart. It’s best to get yourself in a position where you’re not fighting on multiple fronts or surrounded. Back down an alleyway and watch the radar for the Ballas’ movements, making sure you collect their ammo when you’re out of firing range or in between waves of attack.

For the first wave you can head to under the bridge and keep your back against one of the walls on the side of the bridge before you enter it, so you’re facing the onslaught.

Keep an eye out as on the edge of the disputed territory you will usually find free health and armour to top up with in between waves.

When you’ve dealt with three waves and picked up the associated cash and ammo, then the hood is yours and the territory is marked green and will be filled with Grove Street gang members. You’ll also be able to pick up money from outside your Grove Street safe house dependent on the amount of territory you control.

This then triggers a cut scene where the grass is flushed out and you just need to run towards him and take him out. Pretty easy if you’ve been able to deal with the previous three waves of Ballas.

One important point is that you don’t need to conquer the whole of Los Santos’ gang territories to keep progressing in the game and move onto the other two cities. However, it is useful for later in the game to have done some of the grunt work, plus the opportunity to rack up SMG and AK-47 ammo and a little free cash.