Gray Imports GTA San AndreasGray Imports is the next of the missions for Tenpenny and Polawksi. Tenpenny is in philosophical mood as he explains his theory about maintaining the balance of power by ensuring that no gang gets stronger than the other.

Needless to say, that means they want you to do their dirty work and restore the balance as the Russians and the Ballas start joining forces.

Before you head over to the yellow marker try to pick up some armour and even better some M4 ammo as you’re heading for a shootout.

When you reach the docks the mission starts in earnest. Use your vehicle to run over the Russians outside the warehouse and then shoot the door control to head into the warehouse picking up the armour to the right of the entrance on your way.

Take care going around each corner as there will be Russians waiting for you. It’s best to crouch and move slowly picking up the ammo as you move. A top tip is to shoot the barrels on the forklifts to take out several Russians at the same time.

Make sure you pick up the armour on your way through as you’ll need it with the number of Russians and Ballas you have to get past. If you’re short on ammo there’s an AK-47 under the stairs when you reach the far end of the warehouse on the ground floor.

If you’re quick you can take out the Russian leader before he jumps in a car, but there’s a motorbike nearby you can jump on to quickly catch him up and perform a drive-by. It’s not the easiest piece of driving as he weaves through the streets, but be patient and use your drive-by gun to set his car on fire to complete the mission.

An alternative is not to head into the room up the stairs and instead walk off to the side until you can see the Russians and keep shooting until they and their leader are all taken out.