Burning Desire GTA San AndreasBurning Desire sees you meet up again with corrupt cops Tenpenny and Pulaski who put the heat on you to do a job for them to earn your freedom. They want you to carry out a hit on a gang member and have stashed some Molotov Cocktails in an alleyway for you to find and use.

You can have a little revenge on them by heading over there in their police car which is parked outside. The alleyway itself is a good spot if you want to earn some cash with a stealth kill or two without picking up wanted stars.

Pick up the Molotov Cocktails and then you’ll need to head to the gang house to put them to good use in the mission.

When you reach the house, use the car to take out the three Vagos gang members waiting for you. Then line yourself up in front of each of the windows and tap lightly to throw the Molotovs through the windows at the front and adjust the power if you throw too high or low. Don’t get too close or you’ll catch fire. Better to throw them slightly from the side.

Then head round the back where there are a couple more Vagos members to take out, but also some armour.

Alternatively, take out all the gang members before you start the fireworks.

When you’ve thrown Molotovs through each of the windows, you find out that a woman is trapped inside the house and CJ has a twinge of conscience and heads in to save her.

You’ll need to reach her and lead her out of the house before she suffocates. Once inside the house make sure you pick up the fire extinguisher in the kitchen and then head upstairs.

Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire in the doorway and then lead her out of the house using the extinguisher to find your way through the flames and out as the house collapses around you.

Where your way is blocked with rubble, you can find a way through a doorway to the side and through putting out any flames that block your path.

Despite the fact that it was you that set the house on fire, the woman is very grateful and you drive her back to her house where you’ll have picked up your first girlfriend, Denise.

Next you’ll receive a phonecall from Sweet to kick off the next set of missions. And more importantly you now have access to Ammunation and its weaponry.