OG Loc GTA San AndreasOG Loc is the first of the missions for Big Smoke and introduces you to the world’s worst gangster rapper, OG Loc. After all the seriousness of Carl’s return home, OG Loc and his terrible rhymes provide some welcome light relief.

For some reason Carl is willing to support the hopeless OG Loc and provide the muscle he frankly doesn’t deserve. You first meet up with Jeffrey, erm, OG, as he is released from prison. The all-new gangster wants to settle a score from inside and drags you along to a location which triggers a motorbike mission.

It seems OG Loc made some very special friends inside prison and doesn’t want his secret to be out. This leads to a chase across town with OG on the back of your motorbike trying to kill his former lover Freddy and salvage his pride.

It’s best not to start the mission with any wanted stars as the cops can get in the way when you’re chasing Freddy across town.

The trick is to stay close enough to Freddy to avoid him getting away but you don’t have to be right behind him to stay in the mission. Watch the map closely as he mostly uses alleyways, although he will wait for you at regular intervals as he enjoys the thrill of the chase.

Given it’s a motorbike mission, it’s helpful to have done some motorbike practice to improve your bike skill which lessons the chances of you falling off.

Freddy is pretty much indestructible, so don’t worry too much about being in shooting range. The key is to stay close enough to him, so that you can take him out when he stops. Freddy’s route involves a number of alleyways, steep hill and heading down the wrong way down the freeway, so it’s a fun and decent test of your motorbike skills.

After a couple of minutes, Freddy stops and you’ll need to take him and his fellow gang members out. If you’ve picked up a M4 or an AK-47 it’s easy. If not, just crouch and take them out with the Uzi. You may well end up with a couple of wanted stars when you do this. You still need to drive OG Loc to his job at the burger joint, so you can either try and outrun the cops on your bike or head to the Pay ‘N’ Spray to lose your stars.

Reach the burger join and you’ll have earned respect points and will unlock the OG Loc missions over in the more affluent west side of Los Santos, although why you want to bother with him we don’t know…

If you’ve earned enough cash, it’s worth buying the property around the corner to save your game more easily and live in an area where the Ballas don’t keep trying to take you out every time you leave Grove Street.