High stakes, low-riderHigh stakes, low rider is the first of the street racing missions in GTA San Andreas. To start the mission you’ll need a low-rider car. Either pick one up beforehand and park it in your garage in Grove Street or there are usually some circling around the mission’s starting point.

It’s easier if you avoid a low-rider with hydraulics and also choose one with a roof – we found a Voodoo car particularly good. You can head to the mod garage to customise your low-rider and in particular add Nitro, although it’s not essential.

Follow Cesar to the starting grid and then you’re off competing against five other cars. The key is to make the most of the straights and avoid a crash as you’ll almost certainly fall too far behind.

Take it easy on the start to avoid a crash and then jump over to the left-hand side of the first highway and floor it and you should be at the front or near it. Take it easy at the right hand turn and then again floor it on the straight.

This strategy of gentle on the corners and flat out on the straights should see you clear in front – be particularly careful on the last two corners where there is a sharp left right and slow down enough to avoid ploughing into the barriers and wasting your advantage.

If you’re really struggling you can go into the game controls and set ‘traffic mode’ to ‘light’ which should make it much easier to avoid crashing into random cars.

You’ll need to finish first, but do so and you’ll have earned $1,000.