Cesar Vialpando GTA San AndreasCesar Vialpando introduces the character of the same name who is dating Carl’s sister Kendl. Sweet is not happy about it and ask you to follow her to the car club and check out Cesar.

Once you’ve reached the mod garage, it’s time to pimp your ride! Once you’ve chosen your colours, trim and the rest, it’s over to the car club to show off your ride and your lowriding skills.

You are challenged to a contest which is a spoof of the Guitar Hero controls as you try to tap the buttons in time to the music to bounce your car. It’s not difficult to do once you get the timing right and worth wagering the maximum $1,000 for some relatively easy money.

Once you’ve won the content, you trigger a cut scene where you to agree to disagree with Cesar which leads to an invite to go street racing with Cesar and master the tricky art of riding a lowrider at speed!