Robbing Uncle Sam GTA San AndreasIn Robbing Uncle Sam, Ryder is in typically relaxed mood, but this time he’s had a big idea where to source the weapons – from the army. He ropes you into helping him steal them.

As you’re taking on the army, or effectively the National Guard, you’ll need your health topped up and even better an AK-47 or sniper rifle. Drive up to the gates and jump up onto the wall to take out the nearest guard. Then jump over the wall and shoot the gate control to open it.

Inside are several National Guardsmen – jump into the jeep nearby to run them over. At this point if you health is short you can exit the docks to top up with some food.

Next head towards the warehouse and shoot the control panel to open it. Inside are two National Guardsmen waiting for you, but only with handguns, so an Uzi will take them out.

You then need to jump into the forklift truck to get six crates into the van before Ryder gets killed. Keep an eye on his health and jump out to help if he looks in trouble.

Usually one guard will appear each time you put a crate in the van. Just jump out, deal with him and then get back in the forklift.

Start with the four crates in the middle of the warehouse. Drive up to them, press up and then spin round and load them into the truck. Press down again and repeat.

There are two more outside the warehouse – one to the left of it as you look into it, one to the ride to the side of it.

Once you’ve loaded the six crates, jump in the van and get out of there to the lockup in Willowville. Two army trucks will chase after you. Line them up behind you and press the horn and Ryder will throw a crate onto them to explode them. They are also terrible drivers and just as likely to flip their truck by themselves.

Reach the red marker and you’ll have earned more respect points along with some more abuse from Ryder who has some serious issues of his own…