Area 69 GTA San AndreasBlack Project is your chance to find out why Area 69 to your south is so touchy about any visitors.

(On the subject of which, if you want to feel the force of a full six wanted stars, just drive into the Area 69 fence to instantly get 5 stars, start shooting with a rocket launcher until you reach your target and then run for it!).

You can only start the mission between 2000 and 0600, but you can speed the time up by saving your game nearby and advancing it six hours.

The Truth is back, remember him? He drives you to Area 69 and leaves you there to do his dirty work.

The entrance in the fence is in front of you.

Switch to your night goggles and double tap to creep in via stealth mode. Now you could take out the guards one by one with the sniper rifle, but you only have until 530 to get inside, so if you have an assault rifle use this as it will be much quicker. Don’t forget to pick up the guard’s ammo and armour as they are packing some serious kit.

Head to the yellow marker and climb down. When you reach what seems like a dead end set of stairs, use your gun to blow them out of the way. There’s a health top up on the way.

When you’re inside Area 69, you’ll need to take out the guards and head to the control room to deactivate the main defences which will allow you to escape with the Black Project.

Up the stairs inside is some more armour and a gatling gun. You’ll then need to head down to the next level. Be careful as there are yet more guards and it’s best to advance slowly given their assault weapons.

When you reach the launch bay area, you’ll need to find a pass card to unlock it. Just take out the scientist in the lab around the corner and take his. Step into the red marker and you’re onto the next stage of this long, exciting mission.

Yet more guards are waiting for you, so take your time and work through them in stealth mode. They are all the way down the stairs around every corner.

When you finally reach the bottom, there it is – a jetpack! Strap it on and fly up and out of the launchbay. As you fly up, guards will fire at you but you can just rise above it all…

Once clear of Area 69, no one chases you so you can make your way to the meeting point getting used to the controls on the jetpack.

Jetpack GTA San Andreas
There it is, your prize, the jetpack

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