Green Goo GTA San AndreasGreen Goo is the final airstrip mission and a chance to try out that jetpack in anger.

The Truth arrives in a heap with the jetpack and asks you to steal another mysterious object from a train. He has no idea what this object is, but assures you that you’ll know it when you see it.

To the east are three green markers indicating the position of the three crates on the train you need to destroy to find the ‘green goo’. The jetpack moves faster than the train which is heading west. Hover above the train and shoot the guards. When it’s clear land on the train and work your way along the train blowing up the crates until you find the green goo you’re after.

No matter which crate you blow up first, it’s the third one that contains the green goo. Spooky!

When you have the jar, fly back to meet The Truth at the airstrip. Watch out if you fly over Area 69, as the anti-aircraft guns will fire at you and if they hit, depending on your health it might be back to square one again.

Deliver it back safely and you’ll earn a cool $20000 and have unlocked the airfield asset, so keep popping back to take the free cash it generates and the motorbikes that re-spawn there. Best of all, the jetpack is now available to take at any time near the save point, so you can explore the whole city and pick up those tricky lucky horseshoes.

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