Fender Bender GTA San AndreasFender Ketchup is the start of the set of casino missions for Woozie. He’s struggling to open his casino with competition from the mob.

He offers you a share of the casino in exchange for helping him get set up which of course means doing his dirty work for him. The first of the missions is simple enough. They have caught one of the thugs who are trying to disrupt the casino’s deliveries.

He’s attached to the front of the car and you’ll need to scare him enough to make him talk. Don’t get too carried away though but smashing into things head on or he’ll be killed and you’ll fail the mission.

It’s best to drive up and down the strip outside the casino, doing some crazy turns and driving the wrong way down the road at full speed. Swerving from side to side and jumps also help. It takes a while and plenty of variety to build up enough scares to complete the mission.

Don’t go onto the freeway or you’ll pick up three stars and unwanted attention from the cops.

One top tip is to head for the airport, as you’ll be able to travel and full speed and use the ramps to do some jumps to shake him up quickly and safely, for you at least…

Once you’ve scared the life out of him, he reveals that he’s working for the Sindacco family. Then head back to the airport and don’t blow up the car or you’ll fail it. Make it back and it’s $5000 and added respect.

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