Explosive Situation GTA San AndreasNow you know the Sindacco Family are behind the attacks, Explosive Situation is the first stage of getting some revenge.

To hit their casino you’re going to need some proper equipment – some explosives. There’s an open cast mine to the south west of the city where you should be able to find some. Use the motorbike in front of the casino.

When you reach the quarry, enter the red marker to trigger the cut scene that explains what you need to do.

You only have two and half minutes to get the dynamite out of the crates before the workers detonate it. Jump straight down into the mine on the motorbike and into the dumper truck to run over the first crate.

Unfortunately, you can’t open the crates any other way. The first one is right in front of the truck. When you’ve run over the crate, jump out and grab it as quickly as you can.

The other three are down the slope to your left. You can ignore the workers as they can’t do you much harm.

When you’e collected all four, security will block you in. The only way out is to use the dirt bike and jump your way  up and out of the quarry through the red arrows that mark the course.

It’s all about angels and timing and if you get one wrong, you have to go back to the start, so it’s worth taking your time and lining up the jumps properly. Higher up the quarry, there will be a van with guards shooting at you, but you can just ride right past them.

Complete the jumps and it’s $7000 in the bank, more respect and you’ll also have unlocked the quarry missions.

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