You've Had Your Chips GTA San AndreasYou’ve Had Your Chips is the next casino mission for Woozie. The Sindacco family have been flooding the casino with fake chips made in their plastics factory across town. That can only mean one thing – Carl is left to do the dirty work and take out their operation.

This mission involves lots of shooting so pop over the road to Ammunation to top up your armour and weapons before you start.

When you arrive at the factory, you find guards in a blue car watching the open entrance to the factory complex. Try and sneak by jumping over the fence behind their car and into the factory to avoid alerting the boss. When you enter the factory though you will be spotted and the guards will try and take you out.

You can make it easier by running out, around the corner and waiting for three guards to follow and then picking them off easily. Likewise you can use your sniper rifle to take out a few more inside and then fire a rocket launcher into the factory to take out two of the machines without needing to step inside.

When you’re inside watch out for yet more guards who will be waiting for you around each corner. Others will arrive while you’re destroying the machines, so keep an eye out and prepare to switch your fire to the guards. Make sure you don’t stand too close to the machines when they blow or you’ll be caught up in the explosion.

If your health is running low you can always leave the factory and top up your health in the usual places in the game. They will politely wait for you to return!

When you’ve destroyed all the machines, more guards will appear. You can simply run out and jump back over the fence depending on your health or stay to exchange fire. There are also guards waiting outside, so be prepared to run quickly or to deal with them as well.

Then it’s a drive back to the casino to pick up a cool $10000 and more respect.

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