Don Peyote GTA San AndreasDon Peyote sees the return of The Truth in a trademark random mission. It starts outside the casino when Carl receives a call from The Truth asking for a favour.

After a big party with a British Band, The Truth has woken up in Los Santos with no idea how he got there or where the band are. He asks Carl to put the band back together! He thinks they are up in Arco Del Oeste a long drive away to the east.

Given you’re collecting up the band, you’ll need a vehicle with at least four seats, although you can pick one up nearer the location if you want to get there quickly on a motorbike and go cross-country. A police car is a good shout with the ability to clear the roads and decent speed. If you really want to do it in style then a helicopter is another good option.

When you arrive, it cues one of the funniest cut scenes as Paul and Macca rant and argue with each other randomly. When they are done it’s off to the snake farm where the locals want revenge on the band for their various excesses.

Take out the three of them and then head back into Las Venturas to Caligula’s casino. Crouch and use a powerful weapon to do the job quickly.

Try not to flip the car or you’ll have to start all over again.

Reach the casino and this simple mission earns you more respect and a way into Caligula’s casino to trigger a new set of missions.

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