Intensive Care GTA San AndreasIntensive Care is the first of the Caligula-based missions as you get to hang out with the band and the paranoid Rosie.

Rosie unloads his problems to Carl explaining that he’s caught in the middle of mob families running the Caligula casino as a neutral on their behalf and if anything happens to any of the families, he believes he’ll get the blame.

As it happens Johnny Sindacco – remember him tied to the bonnet of your car? – is in the hospital in a coma and the Forellis could use this opportunity to take him out.

Carl volunteers to move him before the Forellis can get to him.

Drive over the hospital to trigger the next stage of the mission.

Johnny isn’t there where you arrive – he’s been picked up by the mob already and is in an ambulance heading across town. Jump in the Patriot in the car park as it’s ideal for this mission which requires a strong vehicle.

There are three ambulances you need to catch up with to find out which one he’s actually in. The actual ambulance he is in is random, so you’ll have to try them in turn to find the right one.

When you reach the ambulance crash into them, but not at such a speed that you end up destroying your car. A simple hit will reveal whether Johhny is inside. When you find the right one, you’ll need to smash into it a few times, but be careful not to blow it up by shooting at it. It you blow up your own vehicle, then quickly jump into another one.

Smash it five or six times and the two mafia will jump out. Waste them, picking up their handy weapons and then drive Johnny back to the meat factory on the other side of town.

However, another mafia car was tailing the ambulance and you’ll need to evade them before they destroy the ambulance. Head to the freeway to get back quickly and to keep clear of them. Use a drive-by if they get too close and don’t forget to put on the siren to clear the roads.

Get him there safely and it’s $5000 reward and more respect.

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